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UpGlober is social network for companies.
It is a useful alternative to mainstream social networks for businesses and professionals.

UpGlober is free! No ads. Not collecting data.

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What's UpGlober?

UpGlober is a useful social network for
companies and people.

It covers all the main types of professional and friendly relationships.
You can create an account for your company, for you as a person, or for both.
UpGlober's meaning is to put your company or yourself UP on the Web for the GLOBE to see.

If you register as a business

UpGlober enables you to find new customers through the requests of proposals, new partners or suppliers, companies for sale, and employees.


Find employees

Your company

Other companies

Find customers
Find partners
Find suppliers
Find companies for sale

If you register as an individual

UpGlober enables you to find a new job or an internship, businesses worldwide, new friends, and groups of friends.


Find jobs
Find products
Find services



Find friends
Find groups
Keep in touch

Our philosophy

Using UpGlober is totally free
No advertisement whatsoever
Respect of your privacy
does not collect data to resell them or to transfer them
UpGlober does not track you
When you delete your account, it really gets deleted from our database
UpGlober does not force you to register if you are just here to browse
All the traffic is secured through SSL
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