A new way to look for companies and people over the Internet

Thursday, July 14, 2016, 8:18 pm

A new way to search for companies

Most of the time, when people look for a vendor or a services provider, they google some keywords, and then they get the websites having the best Search Engine Optimization, which are not necessarily the websites of the companies that would best suit their needs. They select a few ones and then they ask for a quote. Another popular way is to do a research on the Yellow Pages.

Both methods have got their shortcomings. Google returns the results using their own algorithm. Consequently, some excellent small companies that did not work on their Search Engine Optimization and that did not pay for a costly Google Adwords campaign will never show up among the 10 first pages.
A Yellow Page yearly contract can be expensive (up to several thousand dollars). The information provided in the results proves to be rather limited (the location, the phone number, the hours, and a general description). Furthermore, the research criteria only consist of a location and a name (or an activity). Both approaches deliver satisfying results neither for the person doing the research nor for the companies hoping to get more customers after investing in an expensive contract or a time-consuming campaign.

UpGlober aims at being a new way to look for companies. It is free and does not required businesses to get prepared by working on Search Engine Optimization.

> In the results, companies can present their whole business on a single page without any limitation: using tabs, they can describe their products and services, publish their jobs openings and requests for proposals, their news, their partnerships, and their testimonials.

> UpGloberĀ makes it possible to look for a company across the world using some very specific criteria: company age, size, location, activity, capital range, turnover range, etc.

> Companies can interact with each other directly onĀ UpGlober (that is not possible through the Yellow Pages), send messages, and become partners

Whether you are looking for new prospective customers (by searching for companies or directly for requests of proposals) or an internship, UpGlober makes it easier to find the company of your dreams!

A new way to search for people

UpGlober also enables to look for people using the same philosophy: it is free and the search engine can be used with some very specific criteria: age, sex, schools, languages, skills and levels of expertise, interests, etc.

This will enable companies to find the perfect employee, while people will have the opportunity to start smart conversations with persons sharing the same interests. We expect UpGlober users to be open minded and thirsty for intelligent discussions about their passions.

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