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Impersonating a person or a business is considered a crime and is strictly prohibited. UpGlober prohibits its user from creating an account for anyone except for themselves or the company they legally represent. UpGlober will remove any false profile without warning. To report an impersonation case please send an email to:

Only create a company profile if you are entitled to do so
Creating an UpGlober profile for a company if you are not entitled to is strictly prohibited. Any unofficial page will be deleted without warning. If you like a company, you can either write a post about it on your mini blog or create a fan group.

Racist, sexist, homophobic, insulting, or obscene content is strictly prohibited
Any racist, sexist, homophobic, insulting or obscene content will be removed by UpGlober without warning. The user accounts responsible for such content will be deleted permanently.

Do not publish any copyrighted content on UpGlober
Do not copy paste or publish any protected content on UpGlober. UpGlober will remove any unauthorized content without warning.

Do not input HTML, JavaScript, or malicious code
Never input any HTML, JavaScript, or malicious code on UpGlober. Any attempt of doing so will result in your account being deleted without warning.

You are responsible for your content and your acts
You will be held responsible for any illegal content published on UpGlober or any reprehensible course of actions.

Never give away your password
Never give away your password to anyone under any circumstance.

Never send money to the other users
Never give your credit card number or send money under any circumstance for any reason.

Be wary of identity theft and other scams
Please be wary that some scammers may take advantage of your generosity to get money. Avoid deals involving your money even when they sound safe. UpGlober cannot be held responsible for any scam you maybe be victim of.
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